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Identification Requirements For Artificial Football Grass

Artificial Football Grass is generally made of PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PA (nylon). Polyethylene (PE): has better performance and is widely accepted by users; polypropylene (PP): Grass fiber is relatively hard, generally suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.; Nylon material (Nylon): The price is relatively expensive, mainly used for golf and other high-end venues.

Identification requirements for Artificial Football Grass:

1. Appearance: bright color, no color difference; the surface of the grass seedlings is flat, the tufting is uniform, and the consistency is good; the amount of glue used in the base fabric is moderate and penetrates into the base fabric, the overall surface is smooth, the stitch distance is uniform, and there are no missing stitches;

2. Hand feeling: the grass seedlings are soft and smooth when combed by hand, the grass seedlings have good resilience when gently pressed by the palm, and the base cloth is not easy to break;

3. Grass silk: the mesh is neat and clean, without burrs; the cut surface is smooth, without obvious shrinkage;

4. Other materials: Check whether the resin glue and the bottom are made of high-quality materials.

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