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4 Advantages Of Artificial Landscape Grass

4 major advantages of Artificial Landscape Grass :

1. Simple operation
Installation on various basic surfaces, the quality of the foundation is not high, there is no fear of cracking, no worries of foaming and delamination, it is simple and economical. The artificial grass material is healthy, the finished product is constructed, the construction period is fixed and short, the quality is easy to grasp, and the acceptance is simple.

2. Long service life
The overall layout of the artificial turf sports field is beautiful, the utilization rate is high, the lifespan can reach more than 8 years, and it is durable and maintenance-resistant, and can be used continuously.

3. Low maintenance cost
Artificial grass is simple to maintain, has low maintenance cost can be washed with clean water to remove dirt, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

4. Environmentally friendly
Artificial turf has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, environmental friendliness, elasticity, and good flame retardant performance. It is suitable for school use and is a very good venue for training, activities, and competitions. Artificial turf is mainly used to avoid sports injuries. Its cushioning power can reduce the damage that may be caused to the feet by general hard ground so that you do not have all kinds of concerns caused by the venue. The lawn marking is directly prepared, so there is no need to worry about frequent marking, maintenance is easy, and there is no follow-up maintenance cost.

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