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Haining Qisheng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd as professional China Artificial Tennis Grass Manufacturers and Artificial Tennis Grass Factory, offering Wholesale Artificial Tennis Grass for sale online. Our company is committed to providing the most realistic and environmentally friendly artificial turf, creating a green viewing space for customers. The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, has introduced first-class production technology from abroad, has a variety of large-scale production and processing equipment, and has a daily output of 20,000-30,000 square meters. With a professional R&D team, scientific production management, strict quality management and perfect after-sales service, the company has established a good brand image in the industry.

And we produce raw materials by ourselves, competitive prices, high-quality services and stable delivery are our advantages.

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Artificial Tennis Grass Industry Knowledge Extension

Can I play tennis on an artificial turf soccer field?
You can play, and try to practice control, it is not recommended to hit the ball vigorously. Tennis courts need a relatively flat surface, otherwise, the direction of the ball is difficult to control. artificial tennis grass is relatively soft and flat, without hindering others. It is possible to play tennis. And it's all rubber and the ground is very soft. Good for playing tennis.
What are the requirements for artificial tennis grass?
In fact, tennis courts were not used to pave artificial turf before this, because tennis courts are not a sport like a football, and they have to play sports on relatively hard ground. If the ground is too soft, the tennis court must be fine. It cannot be played better, and it is even impossible for tennis to get a good rebound effect. It is particularly easy to slip when playing on it. Now there is artificial turf.
Artificial tennis grass is actually a situation that developed after the replacement of some lawns. The materials of the two sites are basically used for more installations. One is artificial turf, and the other is plastic ground. Natural Tennis courts in China also have artificial turf, and this artificial turf appeared relatively early. It can be said that artificial turf is definitely a very popular venue. The main advantage of artificial turf is that the friction is very good. It is big, when the tennis ball falls on the artificial turf, the rebound speed of the whole tennis ball is very high. In this situation, the player's movement speed is also very fast. Generally speaking, the tennis ball is played in the attacking tennis mode.
Tennis courts have special requirements for the quality of grass. Generally speaking, the artificial turf is basically required to be below 20 mm, and the leaves of the grass are relatively wide because artificial turf that is too high will basically increase the elasticity of the entire site, just like Playing tennis on a football field is like playing tennis. Even that kind of thing itself is a humorous or interesting thing. Too high grass has a great impact on the performance of the entire tennis movement. If you want to change the direction of tennis movement, it will definitely not be good for players to play.
The six-stage process of artificial tennis grass
With the development of the market, artificial tennis grass has undergone great changes in materials, technology, construction, etc. The purpose of these changes is to make artificial grass closer to natural grass in sports performance, which can be roughly divided into six stages:
The first stage: mainly made of nylon, similar to carpet, with poor elasticity, no protection for athletes, and easy to be injured;
The second stage: is mainly made of pp material, filled with quartz sand particles, high hardness;
The third stage: mainly made of PE material, filled with quartz sand and rubber particles at the same time, it has the elasticity of natural grass, and the sports performance is greatly improved;
The fourth stage: is with FIFA certification as the standard, focuses on the construction of the foundation, construction, and another system engineering. At this stage, in addition to mesh products, there are also straight and curved products. The material is PE and PP mixed, PE and PE nylon blended to further enhance sports performance;
The fifth stage: mainly monofilament grass, in addition to pursuing sports performance, but also pursue a more ideal appearance, and pays more attention to system construction;
The sixth stage: is mainly curly grass, artificial grass specially developed for gate courts, golf, etc.
At present, the technologies of the fourth and fifth stages in the market are mature.

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