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Haining Qisheng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd as professional China Artificial Boxwood Hedge Manufacturers and Artificial Boxwood Hedge Factory, offering Wholesale Artificial Boxwood Hedge for sale online. Our company is committed to providing the most realistic and environmentally friendly artificial turf, creating a green viewing space for customers. The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, has introduced first-class production technology from abroad, has a variety of large-scale production and processing equipment, and has a daily output of 20,000-30,000 square meters. With a professional R&D team, scientific production management, strict quality management and perfect after-sales service, the company has established a good brand image in the industry.

And we produce raw materials by ourselves, competitive prices, high-quality services and stable delivery are our advantages.

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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Industry Knowledge Extension

The following are the more common applications for outdoor and indoor artificial boxwood hedge
1. Space division
Artificial hedges are used as partition/workspace dividers. The best part about these hedges is that they can also brighten up any space.
2. Privacy screen
If you don't think your commercial property has enough privacy, consider getting those artificial privacy hedges! Not only will they try to block out unwanted views, but they'll also try to help you say goodbye to nosy neighbors.
3. Wall decoration
Do you feel like your space is starting to look a little dull? Artificial hedges and green walls can instantly brighten up your surroundings.

4 Situations for Installing artificial boxwood hedge
Type 1: Installing an artificial hedge on a wooden wall

1. First, we always recommend planning the required tools and space. Take a look at your space and measure exactly what you need to bring your project to life. Once you have the exact dimensions, see how many panels are best for your project. If you are going to do something more creative than a square or rectangular panel, it will help if you lightly draw your design or vision on the wall with a pencil. This helps in getting the correct measurements and also in placing the hedge boards in the correct position.
2. Once your artificial hedges have arrived, you can start customizing them to the exact shape and size you need. You can easily cut each panel to the exact size you need if needed. Simply use a pair of sharp scissors to snip the panels and reassemble them using cables or zip ties. You can create a seemingly infinite number of different combinations using this strategy.
3. Now that you have all the panels cut to size, it's time to attach them together and prepare them to be mounted on your wooden wall. To attach the panels, simply snap them into place. Our simple and secure attachment system allows you to easily snap the panels together with snap buttons located on the side of each panel. If you have to cut the panels to size, you can easily reattach them with zip ties.
4. Now that you have the panels ready, you can start installing them on the wooden walls. This is the part that many people think is complicated, but in reality, it's as simple as sticking some leaves to the wall. Place the faux hedge panels on the wall, then nail or staple them into place. Whether to use nails or staples depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of wood, the thickness of the wall, or what is behind the wall. If your wall is on the outside and you have decorations or artwork on the other side, nails may not be the best idea.
Type 2: Installing Artificial Hedges on Metal/Colorbond Fences
1. If you have a metal fence, you will need to do some extra work, but it is still relatively simple. In order to securely attach your privacy fence to the metal fence, you will need to install wooden beams approximately every 40cm or so. Start by planning exactly what you want to do. Most metal fences have corrugations, so you want to make sure your artificial boxwood hedge is not flush with the fence.
2. Attach the timber or wooden beams to the metal fence. This can be done by screwing or attaching them at the top and bottom of each beam. Remember that you want your wooden beams to be about 40cm apart to ensure the panels of your Artificial Boxwood Hedge will fit. You can use screws to attach the beams vertically to the top and bottom metal fencing. Then, place the wooden beams horizontally between the vertical beams and attach them to the metal fencing.
3. Once the wooden beams are attached to the metal fence, the faux hedge wall is ready to be installed. Separate the panels or use a pair of sharp scissors to cut them. Our faux boxwood hedge panels can be easily reattached with a simple cable or zip ties. Our secure joining system allows you to join entire panels together safely and easily in seconds.
4. Now it's time to attach your artificial hedge to your metal fence. To do this, you'll need to secure the Artificial Boxwood Hedge to the wooden beams using screws and washers. It is recommended that you use 12 screws and washers per meter of artificial hedge wall. It is possible to attach a hedge wall directly to a metal fence using screws and washers, but this depends on what is on the other side. Since metal fences are much thinner than other materials, you may have sharp screws protruding from the other side.

Type 3: install artificial hedges on barbed wire
1. Artificial boxwood hedges attached to wire or mesh fencing may seem like a daunting task. Start by measuring exactly how much privacy protection you will need. With wire or mesh fencing, nothing extra is required to attach your hedge panels, so you only need to measure and order what you need.
2. The next step is simply to trim or reshape the hedge panels to fit the shape or size of the fence. To do this, you simply use a pair of sharp scissors to snip and cut the faux hedge panels to the exact size you need. To reshape them, you can use cables or zip ties to connect them back together. This works well for odd-sized fences that you want full coverage.
3. In order to get your panels ready to install, you will need to reattach them together. You simply reassemble the panels to the desired size and shape using the snap buttons located on each panel. For hedge siding that must be cut to size, you can simply glue them back together using zip ties or cable ties.
4. Finally attach them to your wire or mesh fence. To do this, use your zip ties to attach the panels to the top, bottom, and middle rails of the panels. This will ensure a snug fit and a more realistic look as your fence wall won't pop off your fence. Once you have all the ties attached, go to the back of the fence and pull all the ties as tight as possible. Use scissors to cut off the excess behind the fence.
5. To create the look of a bushy hedge, you can install hedge boards on both sides of the fence. Follow the same steps for the second side, but be careful when cutting the cable ties so you don't snip the leaves or panel. The lush flora will hide your cable ties and help create the look of a full hedge.
Type 4: Install artificial hedges on brick/concrete/stone walls
1. Of all the methods of installing synthetic boxwood hedge walls, securing them to concrete or brick is the most difficult, but still doable. Start the process by measuring exactly what you need. Measure the wall or space you want to fill.
2. Splice all hedge panels together securely. If you have to cut any of them to fit you, you can use zip ties or zip ties to reassemble them to fit.
3. Measurements, planning, and customization of the panels are complete. Attach the wire grid to a concrete or brick wall using screws and anchors or nails. Start by measuring where you need to hang the wire grid, then start drilling holes for the screws or nails. While concrete nails can be used, we recommend using screws and anchors as they tend to hold better and stay longer, giving your walls a fresh and realistic look.
4. Next, you'll hang your fake hedge from the steel grate you just installed. For this, all you need is cable ties or zip ties, scissors, and a little patience. Use cable ties to attach the new synthetic boxwood hedge to the metal grid. Once the tie is properly fastened, use scissors to cut off the excess tie at the end for a fully realistic look.

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