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How to distinguish artificial grass?

1. Brand: The brand itself represents quality, price and service;

2. Product quality:

Appearance: bright color and no color difference; grass seedlings are smooth, tufted uniformly, and consistent; the amount of glue used for the bottom lining is moderate and penetrates into the bottom lining, the whole is flat, the stitch length is even, and there is no skipped stitches;Hand feeling: The hand-combs the grass seedlings are soft and smooth, the palms lightly press the grass seedlings to rebound, and the bottom lining is not easy to tear;Grass wire: Whether to use well-known brand grass wire, and at the same time, it is required to open the net neatly and without burrs; the cut is smooth and there is no obvious shrinkage;Other materials: See whether the glue and bottom are made of high-quality materials.

3. Production equipment: whether it is woven through professional imported equipment.

4. Service system:

Provide professional industry and product training; Provide professional construction equipment and professional construction technical support to improve the overall quality of the site; Whether it has a complete after-sales service system.

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