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Maintenance Guidelines For Artificial Landscape Grass

With the progress and development of society, more and more artificial turf is widely used in sports venues, green decorations, etc. Let's take a look at the maintenance guidelines for Artificial Landscape Grass :

1. Regularly clean the site and clean the leaves;

2. It is forbidden to discard cigarette butts, crumbs, chewing gum and other debris and garbage anywhere;

3. Filling granular quartz sand from time to time to ensure the flatness of the lawn;

4. Do a good job of drainage to prevent external sewage from infiltrating the lawn;

5. It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects on the lawn for a long time;

6. All motor vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on the lawn;

7. Regularly check whether the suture is loose, whether the bottom is damaged, torn, cauterized, etc., and deal with it in time.

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