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Performance Benefits Of Artificial Tennis Grass

Artificial Tennis Grass surface layer is a new type of sports surface layer material emerging in recent years. Its main characteristics are that the court surface layer has good elasticity, is not easy to cause injuries to athletes, and has very stable quality and extremely low repair rate. This is an imitation of natural grassland. Its structure is a bit like a carpet, but the bottom layer is nylon woven fabric, which is planted with bundled nylon short fibers. In order to maintain the uprightness of the fibers, the fibers are filled with fine sand.

This kind of site needs a flat and solid base, with a good drainage structure attached, and because the white boundary line is directly spliced ​​with the surrounding site, it saves a lot of maintenance troubles such as marking, and also makes It has become a kind of all-weather venue, and the maintainer only needs to comb it regularly and add the fine sand in between. The performance of artificial grass is very different from that of natural grass. The speed of the ball is obviously not as fast as that of natural grass. Of course, such as the elasticity of the ball is not high, it is easy to change direction, the field is relatively slippery, etc. These characteristics of artificial grass are still in common with natural grass. place.

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