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Structural Layering Of Eco Artificial Turf

The structure of Eco Artificial Turf is divided into three layers, namely the base layer, buffer layer, and surface layer.

(1) The base layer is composed of a solid soil layer, gravel layer, and asphalt. The base layer plays a fixed role in the overall structure, so it is required that the base layer should be solid, and non-deformed, and the surface should be smooth and impermeable during construction. If a concrete layer is to be laid on the base layer, expansion joints need to be cut after the concrete has cured to prevent thermal expansion and cracks.

(2) On the base layer is a buffer layer, usually composed of rubber or foam. Because the buffer layer plays a buffering role in the overall structure, too high or too low thickness will affect the buffering effect. Secondly, the buffer layer should be firmly pasted on the base layer, and the construction personnel can choose white latex or all-purpose glue to paste.

(3) The surface layer is on the buffer layer. At present, artificial fluff turf, curled nylon silk turf, leaf-shaped plastic fiber turf, etc. are used as the surface layer on the market. The surface layer plays a role in beautifying the overall structure, so the construction personnel must use latex to stick the skin on the rubber or foam during construction. During the construction process, it needs to be constructed in sequence, and the surface should not be wrinkled.

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