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The Selection Strategy Of Artificial Landscape Grass

The selection strategy of Artificial Landscape Grass :

1. Touch the grass to judge the softness.
When we touch the grass silk with our hands, we need to see if the grass silk is soft and comfortable. It is generally agreed that a soft, comfortable lawn is best. But in fact, it's just the opposite, soft and comfortable landscape artificial turf is worse. You know, landscape artificial turf is generally stepped on with your feet, and rarely comes into direct contact with the skin. The hard grass silk is very strong, has great elasticity and toughness, and will not break if it is stepped on the ground for a long time.

2. Observe the shape of lawn grass silk.
You may not have noticed that the grass filaments of landscape artificial turf have many shapes, such as U-shaped, M-shaped, diamond-shaped, with stems or without stems, etc. Actually. The wider the filaments of artificial turf, the more material is used. The toughness will be better if the grass is added with stalks. Of course, such turf will cost more.

3. Judge the resilience by pressing the straw.
Another method is to spread the landscape artificial turf on a table and press it down with your hands. If the grass can rebound and return to its original state after releasing the hand, it means that the artificial turf has good elasticity, and the faster the recovery, the better the quality.

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