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The Use Characteristics Of Artificial Football Grass

Features of Artificial Football Grass :

1. The football field is generally composed of materials: mesh artificial grass.

2. Applicable venues: football field, school playground, the multi-purpose training ground.

3. The artificial grass of the multi-functional football field will gradually open during the use process, the wear contact surface is small, and the burns to the skin are reduced; it is suitable for high-frequency use fields such as artificial grass fields of football fields, and the cost performance is relatively high.
Grass height: 40mm
Grass thread: 8800Dtex fibrillated PE
Bottom Back: one layer of PP woven cloth plus reinforced net.
Application: school playground, football field, the multi-purpose training ground.

4. Features: This type of grass is mesh grass, the mesh grass will gradually open during use, and the wear contact surface is relatively small, thereby reducing the burn to the skin; at the same time, the field can provide enough buffer force, ball movement, Roll, rebound and ball speed all meet ideal natural turf sports standards. This type of grass silk is wear-resistant and has a long service life, suitable for high-frequency use venues such as artificial grass in football fields, and has a high-cost performance.

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