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Why Is The Color Of Artificial Tennis Grass Not Uniform?

Artificial Tennis Grass is mainly divided into green and yellow in terms of color, green is subdivided into light green, emerald green, pastoral green, lime green, and dark green, and yellow is divided into light yellow and yellow. The grass silk of artificial turf is not dyed, but a color masterbatch is added to color it. This color is not easy to fade and change color, and the color can be kept longer. For us, we divide artificial grass into leisure grass and sports grass. Sports grass is divided into football grass, baseball grass, tennis grass, baseball grass, etc., which are mainly green, emerald green, pastoral green, and lemon green. , of course sometimes according to customer needs, will also customize the color. Leisure grass is divided into landscape grass, living grass, and working grass. The main color is a mixture of green and yellow, that is, the mixed color system. Yellow is similar to the color of dead grass, which makes artificial grass closer to natural grass. It can also be used for landscapes and is more suitable for embellishing life.
Reasons for the different colors of football field turf:
1. Relieve the visual fatigue of spectators and players;
2. It is convenient for the referee to see whether it is offside;
3. Humanized design, which is the law of football lawn development;
4. It also prevents football players from feeling endless when they are dribbling the ball.

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